Where To Go Set Up Email Addresses?

Are you wanting to set up email address, preferably a free email address but are not sure where to go to do this? About.com have provide a list and review of what they consider to be the ten of the best free email services. Check out their full article for their reviews, but the services they list are:

    - Gmail – Free Email Service
    - Zenbe – Free Email Service

As for my opinion on this subject, I am totally in love with Gmail. I shall give you some history as how I came to use Gmail, which will help put some perspective on the situation.

In early January 2008, the hard drive on my laptop died. I had backed up for over six months. It was an incredibly painful learning experience for me. The most painful part was the loss of family photos, but the most annoying part was the loss of my email address book. Even when I had backed up, I didn’t back this up and such, had to start collecting email addresses from family and friends.

Since my pain in January I had bought an external hard drive and had backed up everything on my computer using free software. On June 30, I turned on my computer and it had decided that it needed to re-partition itself (or something like that, I am not that technically minded). I knew this was bad, but it had been less than the a week since I backed up.

Once the laptop came home from being restored to working order, I tried to reload all my information using the free software. Everything went okay except for email and my favourites from explorer. So for the second time in six months, I lost my email address book!

Twice was enough for me and I had been reading about the wonders of the free email service from Google (Gmail), so I took the plunge set up email address and was on my way to happiness. I could have my old email address send and receive from my gmail account, so to the outside world, there was no change. Well except for my phone or text message asking them to email me so I could get their addresses!

Gmail is a web based email service that you can access from anywhere. you just need internet access and you can log in and check and send email. It could be your home computer, one at an internet or even your mobile phone.

So if you are thinking of setting up an email address, make sure you think about some of the web based services that are available. I can highly recommend Gmail.

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