Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

In a previous post I showed how to enable keyboard shortcuts in Gmail. In this post, I will take you through how a keyboard shortcut works and list the ones which I find most useful.

The below example uses my favourite shortcut “Move to”.

Step 1. Checking Message Box

Gmail Message Check Box
You need to check the box of which email message you wish to use the “Move To” shortcut on. There are two ways to do this:

  • Use the mouse and click the box as highlighted by the red arrow; or
  • If the message is highlighted by the black small arrow in Gmail (which I have highlighted with a large blue arrow), you can simply use the Gmail Keyboard Shortcut ‘x’.

Step 2. Enacting the Gmail Keyboard Shortcut

Move To Gmail Keyboard Shortcut
The Gmail Keyboard Shortcut for “Move to” is ‘V’. Once the relevant message has been checked, simply hit the ‘V’ key on your keyboard.

Step 3. Gmail Message Moved

Gmail Move To Keyboard Shortcut
The red arrow highlights the confirmation, which tells you that the message has been moved to the appropriate Label.

Essential Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • C‘ – Allows you to compose a new message.
  • X‘ – Checks the message that is highlighted in Gmail.
  • V‘ – Moves your message to the chosen Label.
  • /‘ – Moves the cursor to the search box on Gmail.
  • R‘ – Replies to message to the sender.
  • A‘ – Replies message to all recipients.
  • F‘ – Forwards a message.
  • #‘ – Deletes a message.


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