New Label Functionality In Gmail

By now you would have noticed the changes the label set up in Gmail. If you were like me then one day when you entered Gmail a couple of weeks ago, you would have noticed that the majority of your labels had disappeared. It once looked like this:

Labels list in Gmail

And now it looks like:

New Gmail Labels Set Up

So where have the rest of your labels gone? Near the red arrow is an option saying xx more. By clicking on this you will be able to access the rest of your labels. But what if you want to have more labels easily accessible in the left side bar? Simple, follow these instructions and you can change what labels appear in your Gmail account.

1. Settings Menu

New Labels Set Up In Gmail Main Menu
From the main page of your set up gmail account, click on the settings tab, as highlighted by the red arrow.

2. Label’s Menu

New Labels Set Up In Gmail Settings Menu
From the Settings Option, click on the Label’s Menu as highlighted by the red arrow.

3. Organising Labels

New Labels In Gmail - Organising Labels
As illustrated above, you will now see all your labels listed in this tab. Next to each label is the word show and hide.

4. Hidden Labels

New Labels In Gmail - Hidden Labels
As highlighted by the red arrow, you can see that the label for football has “hide” in bold. This means that it is hidden. If you wish to have this label appear directly in your left hand side bar, click on “show” and it will appear.

5. Show Labels

New Gmail Labels Set Up Organised Labels

The alternative way to organise your labels is to use the drag and drop functionality that Gmail now offers. However, when wanting to organise multiple labels, using the Label’s menu is a much quicker and easier way to arrange the labels that you want shown.

Simply go through you list of labels and click “show”on the ones you want to be seen and then hide any you don’t need to see, bu clicking on “hide”.

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