Creating Filters In Gmail

Recently I have found my inbox growing to quickly each day. Many of the emails that I receive are updates of some form and not emails that I need to see straight away. To make my inbox less cluttered I have set up a number of new filters, so that these types of emails skip the inbox and are archived straight to their label.

I will show you the easiest way to do this!

Step 1 – Select Emails To Filter

Creating Filters In Gmail - Select Email
From the main screen of your gmail account, open the email that you would like to filter.

Step 2 – Choose Filter Message Option

Creating Filters In Gmail - Filter Messages
As highlighted by the red arrow, choose the Filter Messages Like This option from the drop down menu.

Step 3 – Creating Filter

Creating Filters In Gmail - Next Step Button
The base details of your email chosen will be filled in for you. If you wish to make the filter any more specific, fill in the details and then click Next Step.

Step 4 – Choose Filter Options

Creating Filters In Gmail - Filter Options
To have emails archived straight to their labels you need to tick the three boxes highlighted by the arrows:

  • Skip Inbox
  • Apply and choose label
  • Apply to conversations below (other emails like this that are currently in your inbox)

Once these have been checked, then click on Create Filter.

Step 5 – Filter Created

Creating Filters In Gmail - Filter Created
You should then see a message like the one highlighted by the arrow above, to advise that your filter has been successfully created. All emails that fit this description will then go directly to their label and will not clog up your inbox!

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