How To Use Gmail Tasks

I have recently discovered Gmail Tasks and think that it is fabulous application! This video below goes for a minute and is a perfect introduction to the usefulness of this application. After the video I will then take you through a step by step tutorial on how to add your emails to your task list and your calendar at the same time.

1. Gmail Tasks Location

Tasks works in with your email beautifully. If action a task in an email needs to be added to you task list, you can easily add that email to your task list. Open the email, then click on Tasks. The Tasks tab can be found on the left hand side underneath your labels, as highlighted by the red arrow below.
Gmail Tasks Location

2. Add Email To Task List

To add the email to your task list, click on more actions as highlighted by the arrow. Choose “Add to Tasks”.
Gmail Tasks Set Up

3. Task List

The email will now be added to your task list and the task list will automatically appear on screen in the bottom right hand corner. Click on the arrow at the end of the email title to open up the task.
Gmail Tasks How To Use

4. Task List Details

This box allows you to add notes and dates to your task that you have added from email. When you have added the details that you want, scroll down to the end of the box and click on “Back to list”.
Gmail Tasks Dates

5. Tasks Added To Your Calendar

If you have added a date like I have in this example, then the task will not only appear in your task list, but also your Calendar. Click on Calendar as highlighted by the arrow.
askGmail Tasks and Calendar

6. Tasks On Your Calendar

If you look at my Calendar below, you can see that my task has now been added to Tue 19th. You don’t have to add dates to your tasks, but I find this an effective way to keep track of tasks that have due date.
Add Gmail Task To Calendar

7. Mulitple Lists

You can run more than one Task LIst. For example I run a task list for the blog and also a personal task list.
Gmail Tasks Multiple Lists

Gmail Tasks is a great way to manage your to do lists!

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