Setting Up Google Calendar

It took me a couple of years after starting to use Gmail to start actually using Google Calendar and now that I have, I can highly recommend it. It is a fantastic online tool to help keep you organised. It is easy to set up and quite intuitive to use.

1. Setting Up Google Calendar

Setting Up Google Calendar
Once in Gmail click on “Calendar” at the top, left hand side of the page, as indicated by the green arrow.

2. Add Your Personal Information

Setting Up Google Calendar
Complete the required information, making sure you choose the right time zone.

3. The Main Google Calendar Page

Setting Up Google Calendar
You will then be presented with the main Google Calendar page.

4. Changing Google Calendar Settings

Setting Up Google Calendar -settings
Before you started filling in dates and times, head to the settings option in Google Calendar, as highlighted by the green arrow.

5. Changing Google Calendar Date Format

Setting Up Google Calendar -general formats
Click over to the “General” tab. This will allow you to change the date format. Default is US style, so for Australians like myself to avoid confusion it is best to change the format straight away!

6. Changing Google Calendar Time Format

Setting Up Google Calendar -changed general formats
The green arrows highlight options worth changing, the date format as discussed above, I prefer to change the time to a 24 hour clock and to have my weeks starting from Monday. Scroll to the bottom of the page and make sure you save the new settings.

7. Creating Events in Google Calendar

Setting Up Google Calendar -create event
This will then take you back to the main calendar page. To add your first event you have two choices:

  1. On the calendar at the time you want to create an event simply double click and it will open up an event details pop up box.
  2. Click on the create event tab has highlighted by the green arrow above.

8. Adding Event Details

Setting Up Google Calendar -create event
Once the event details box is open, add all the info about your event. Click save at the top of the box, to add the event to your calendar.

9. Set Up Google Calendar

Setting Up Google Calendar added event
You will then be returned to the main calendar page and your event will be on the allocated date. You will also have a message at the top, as highlighted by the green arrow, letting you know what action has just taken place.