More People Setting Up Email Address With Gmail

On April 1, 2004, the first release of Gmail was rolled out. The instant attraction for many users way the free storage that it offered: 1000 MB of storage, compared to only 4MB which other free email services were offering.

But Gmail’s popularity has been on the rise along with its storage allocation which is now over 7000MB. But its storage is only one of the benefits that is attracting users to Gmail. For the key benefits of Gmail check out my earlier post on the 4 Benefits of Gmail.

In addition to these benefits, SmartCompany notes that:

The popularity is being attributed to Gmail’s fondness for free features, including several gigabytes of free storage, chat and video messaging services, and access to applications such as Google Docs in their email services.

Google’s free email service Gmail is growing in popularity and may soon overtake Microsoft’s Windows Live Hotmail by the end of the year. Between December 2007 and December 2008, Gmail’s unique monthly visitors in the United States grew 43% from 20.8 million to 29.6 million, according to ComScore. Hotmail lost 5% of unique monthly visitors during the same period, falling from 45.7 million to 43.5 million.

From personal experience, I have been incredibly happy with my switch to Gmail. The key advnatages for me are the online access, massive storage allocation and having many applications linked together, for example my Google Reader, Google Docs, Feedburner Account etc.

Have you tried setting up an email address with Gmail yet?

Why Gmail Is The Best Place To Set Up Email Address

I have written of my own personal positive experience with Gmail, but I thought I would collate for you other reviews of the Gmail service.

This information should help in you if you are making a decision about setting up email address or if you are considering to moving to an online email service.

Check them out and they should convince you that Gmail is the best place to set up email address.

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Another Convert To Gmail

Image: Wikipedia

Darren Rowse is the force behind Problogger. He is a full time professional blogger with a subscribed readership of over 45,000 people.

In April Rowse lamented on Twitter about his exploding email inbox. Many of his followers sent him advice an tips to help him manage the 10,000 emails he had in his inbox.

So how did he get his email under control? He set up a Gmail address!

“Within 24 hours I had an inbox with no items in it (well momentarily) and have been able to maintain that ever since (OK, so it’s only three days, but it’s been a very busy three days).”

To read exactly how he managed such an amazing feet, check out his article in full From 10000 to 0 Emails in an Inbox in 24 Hours. But to briefly summarise he used the following features in Gmail:

    - labels
    - filters
    - archives

Rowse summarises his experience with this:

“I’ve got a long way to go with Gmail but after a few days of using it it’s saving me hours each day. “

Schools To Set Up Gmail Addresses

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Google has snatched what is believed to be its biggest single client in the world – the NSW Department of Education – away from its rival Microsoft to claim up to 1.3 million new users of its free email product.

The acting Minister for Education, John Hatzistergos, said the new system would cater for 1.3 million users and be in place by the end of the year.

The $9.5 million, three-year contract with the Google partner SMS Management and Technology will be setting up email addresses for all the schools in New South Wales.

“This will be one of the biggest Gmail deployments in the world,” said its spokesman, Matthew Kaufman, who said Macquarie University had also recently signed up for Gmail.

The US-based information technology analyst Matthew Cain, from Gartner, said it was no secret why Microsoft and Google are “assiduously courting” the .edu community with free email services.

“If the vendors can get students to sign up for email accounts, the hope is they will then use those accounts for life,” Mr Cain said. “Students, alumni, staff and faculty all represent a highly desirable demographic that advertisers will pay top dollar to reach.”

Students will be able to log on from home. But whereas each had access to 35 megabytes of memory on their account previously, they now have six gigabytes.

“I think we are the largest single-enterprise user of Gmail,” Mr Wilson said.

“[The deal is] a first in Australian education and a lot of other states are very interested.”

Source: Sydney Morning Herald July 30, 2008

The Hidden Wonders Of Gmail

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Here is something to consider before you set up email addresses. More and more people are coming to experience the wonders of using a free gmail account.

Gmail is a free Web-based email (webmail) service provided by Google. For a free email service it has amazing features, such as:

Blocking Spam
Gmail blocks spam before it even gets to your inbox!, so you see very little spam at all. It does has a spam folder for those emails that the system thinks may be slightly across the line into spam and you can manually check these.

You can access your email from anywhere. You are not tied to having to use your own PC. As long as you have internet access you can access your emails, this means even on your mobile if you wish.

Bernard Lunn who writes for ReadWriteWeb has just set up a gmail address after he has “lived in Outlook” for years.

ReadWriteWeb is a popular weblog that provides Web Technology news, reviews and analysis. It one of the most widely read and respected blogs in the world. It has around 225,000 subscribers.

In his article published on 1st August 2008, Lunn wrote this of his experience with the free email service from Google:

“99% of Spam was gone – poof. I had foolishly once put my email address on a web site in clear form where it could be collected by spammers and one of my accounts, managed on an Exchange server, was overrun with spam. Once I went to Gmail, no problem.”

“The reason Gmail looks like a better long term way to go is quite simply mobility. I can use Gmail from anywhere. I can change PC without even thinking about conversion. I don’t need to worry about not having access to my laptop. If my laptop is stolen/lost/destroyed and I have not been totally diligent on back-ups, no worries on that score.”