How To Add A Signature In Gmail

Gmail for considerable time has had the ability to add a signature to your sent emails, but it was only in plain text format. Now Gmail will let you have a flashy rich text format and even an image or picture in your signature.

This tutorial will show you how to add a signature added at the end of all the outgoing messages for that email address. If you are like me and have more than one email address, you can even have different signatures for each email address you have.

How To Add A Signature In Gmail

Signatures In Gmail

In Gmail click on the settings tab located in the top right hand corner, as highlighted by the red arrow.

Signatures In Gmail

On the settings page scroll down to the signature section and click on the radio button next to your email address as highlighted by the red arrow. If you have more than one email address like I do, you will need to use the drop down menu to choose which email address you want to add the signature to.

Signature in Gmail

You simply then type in the information that you want as your signature.

  • To create a hyperlink, so people can click through to you blog or website, highlight the text you want the link to be attached to and then click on the link button as highlighted by the blue arrow.
  • If you want to insert an image like I have, have the cursor where you want the image to be then click on the button which has a picture of hills, as highlighted by the green arrow.

Signatures in Gmail

So the signature will be added to your outgoing messages, you must then scroll down to the bottom of the setting page that you are on and click save changes as highlighted by the red arrow.

If you have another email address you want to add a different or the same signature to, repeat the process and make sure you choose the specific email address (as highlighted by the red arrow in the screen shot two above.)

Do you use a signature to end your emails?