Reviewing Sites With Your StumbleUpon Toolbar

In my last, I explained how to download the StumbleUpon Toolbar and how you can the use the StumbleUpon Toolbar to web surf through areas of your interest.

Today I want to look at how you can add sites that you like to StumbleUpon. Like the majority of social media sites, StumbleUpon is based on a community principle. To be a successful web surfing tool, StumbleUpon relies on its members submitting quality blogs, websites, photos and videos.

If you have favourite sites that you visit regularly, you can choose to give the whole site the “Thumbs Up” or a particular page or post a “Thumbs Up”.

I will use my other blog to illustrate this. If I wanted to tell StumbleUpon that I thought the the whole website was great I would ensure that the url address in my browser look like this:

But if I wanted to “Thumb Up” a particular post, then I would click on the title of the post, so I would have the permalink for this post as the url address. It would look something like this:

Once you have the right address in your browser you click on the “Thumbs Up”. Now if you are the first person to submit this post or site, a box like that illustrated below will pop up.

You then complete the required information in the box, as I have done in this example.

If you click on the “Thumbs Up” and someone else has already submitted this site, StumbleUpon will record this as a favourite and you will see that the “Thumbs Up” icon on your StumbleUpon Toolbar will change from blue to green. If you would like to add a review as well, you can click on the speech bubble icon and you can then add your own review.

Remember you can add a variety of mediums using the StumbleUpon Toolbar – websites, blogs, photos and videos.

The quality of what you see when you websurf with StumbleUpon is dependent upon the StumbleUpon community, so make sure that you are adding quality material to StumbleUpon.